Appearance change

Hi , i 'd like to change my player’s appearance (face not clothing) because i chose the default to just to show the game to my brother but i don’t like it , can i do that?


No, you can’t.
But you can create a new character.
If you just started to show it to your brother there is not much effort lost.

oh bummer , i have progressed a bit and don’t want to do the same things again

Well, it’s a first person shooter.
Most times you don’t see how you’re looking like.

And for the other cases you could do it like me (watch my profile pic).

Your new character will keep where you are on the map and all your points, overall points. The missions do not have to be done again and you still have access to all your weapons and such as long as you leave them in storage before changing character. The skill points will start over for the new character, but the old character keeps theirs.

This is also how you use more of the skills than you had with your first character. Other than weight, speed and health, you can pick different skills so you have a specialist for different missions and so on. Most everyone uses a “main” character and then have a few others for different times on the map. Some have a solo and then a co-op character. Point is, do what you want and enjoy.

Thanks , can i unload all my inventory when i unlock a safehouse? , bc i haven’t yet. I 'm on the verge of restarting but i don’t really want to.

You don’t see ur face but when u get on the bicycle oh man lol , plus the hair style should be separate from the overall style and then with the already existing art you have much more variation.

So, what kind of progress are you talking about if you don’t even unlocked a safehouse yet?

Oh, I forgot to mark, that the first plundra is at the 2nd safehouse (where the first bicycle is).

My bad , i haven’t played for some time now, apart from the start i think i have at least one more.

Its a waste of time & xp to restart , i was level 4 from were i continued with 2 skill points , (first 2 levels don’t give skill points??).

At least you can wear a hat or a ski cap and he looks decent, changed the white sneakers and the default jacket with cheesy logo on the back and and i don’t complain too much now!

Now i’d like to get a tier 2 shotgun , “good spread” not needed in GZ!

Btw bird shot ammo is it any good?

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With a 1c to 5c shotgun it’s for very close combat.
With the 6c (experimental) shotgun it’s turned vice versa and grants the longest range for it.