Appreciating the November Update


This update was amazing, the farmlands apocalyptic do-over looks really beautiful and eerie.

What I’d like to do is for us as a community to take some awesome pictures of ur favourite areas that have been upgraded. This can be a battle recording, or a new haunting sunset. Pick anything related. I think this’ll be fun! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Video will be up by Friday.

I went easy on them this time



I’ll see your road - and raise you a lighthouse :blush:


Wow, this is looking awesome! Cant wait to see what you guys share!



I can post a battle recording. My first battle with The Reaper.
I think it went quite well, and it was a ton of fun! :grin:


Getting my feet wet…


Just one more.


Where abouts is this video?


All videos on the channel mate.

Christmas Special now in motion


Here maybe:


We cant forget about the big angry boi, our reaper. :skull_and_crossbones::grinning: