April fools joke idea


Alright I know this prob will not happen, and might be difficult to do. But what if for April Fools, every machine was much smaller. Like tanks a little taller than us. And runners being tick sized. But For tick, they are much bigger, like runner or hunter size.

Edit: or like an auto .22 lr machine gun. It has like 5000 rounds, but each shots does a really small amount of damage.


Is it April already?
Oh man, last time i was awake the PS4 update was still in standby, when did it go through ? October? December?
Did the Siren Head or Reaper appeared during the Halloween event?


It was an idea I had. Just wanted to tell people it. Obviously April has already passed. Or it could be used for another holiday/special event.


And I was hoping you would go with the flow of the joke :confused:
But i don´t think it´s a good idea, the game engine is already so glitchy, having enemies turned down in size could do great damage (or nothing at all).
And if that would happen i would prefer for ticks to no longer have a melee attack and to be enormous, a small version of the following image.

I present to you the Goliath, the tick could be 50 meters shorter but it would still be bigger than a Tank.


No, it looks like the right size, to me… :stuck_out_tongue:
Make it sprint and jump, like the real tick, and we’d have a true shocking experience (Earthquake, anyone?).


The Goliath is 150 meters Height, so no not the right size :sweat_smile:
It´s also very large, each leg is bigger than a GZ Tank.
I really felt bad for the Earth military of that alternate 1950´s reality.
You look the kind of guy who enjoys this so let me give you a glimpse:



It IS the right size. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just imagine, though… lol…
Try to fit that in a bunker.

OOOOOH, EGGS… that is where the Tanks come from???

Forrest Gump of GZ: “Life is like a box of Goliath Eggs…
You never know what’ll come crawling out off…”


The game would crash immediately, no sprint or melee attack animations, have it be a mobile fortress/factory and the Original one deployed Spires with bugs to infect the population, so this one could deploy Spires with ticks and launch runner and Hunter pods.
A machine bigger than a Tank (one per region) but smaller than this one would be great and induce fear on any player :sunglasses:.


It would showcase the might of FNIX right there. XD


Dang, I do not think a tick that size would only stab you and hurt, i think youd be squished


Instant burial, one saves a lot of emotion and money this way. XD


Tanks and Harvesters not squishing you should already be a bug…but I guess we are lucky they do not :sunglasses: .