April Update - Patch Notes

I’ve soloed everything it’s not impossible. Maybe check your playstyle.

Also soloed on regular difficulty

That was before this patch. It’s not even the same game anymore.

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Ya just took on a harvester boy was I surprised.

Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but the harv is backed up by hunters instead of dogs, no biggie. Today, I wiped out the pack of hunters then turned my attention to harv. Then another pack of hunters spawned around the harv.

I noticed thus twice in 2 different areas.

Sad, to be honest me and 3 other Friends deleted the game after the April update came out… Seriously Rocket Spam with a speed of what 1000 Mph every 2 seconds? What should we do invest 100 medipacks for 1 harvester? Had fun while lasted… Bye.


Bye bye ! :slight_smile:


And with that, it’s time to close this one.

You’re all welcome to submit Feedback in #feedback-feature-requests, and bugs in #bug-reports .

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