April Update - Patch Notes

Spring has started and for us that means a tiny bit of housecleaning. No major update this month, instead we have some bug fixes and some under-the-hood work that we’ve done. We’re working on bigger things at the moment and need to focus our efforts there in the near future. What this boils down to is that we haven’t yet been able to address some of the bigger points of feedback from March - but we’re working on it!


Your feedback on the Anniversary update has been heard and we’ve made some quick changes that will help smooth out player understanding of the effects of the inventory change and the addition of Crafting. While these are small in scale, they will help with clarity.

  • Changed the "bar" on the Profile screen to show the stat effects as a percentage to match the crafting menu
  • Added a "Fast Travel Disabled" message when unable to move due to being over-encumbered
  • Added quality levels to crafted items in the Profile screen to match how other items display quality level
  • When over-encumbered you will only be able to walk, no longer will you be able to jog at certain thresholds; ultimately if you carry far too much weight you will be unable to move
  • Increased the base carrying weight from 48 to 64
  • When over-encumbered, the "unable to sprint" message will now be shown all the time until freeing up weight

In this update we’ve also taken our first steps to updating the machine behavior, primarily in combat. Much of this is beneath the surface and won’t be immediately noticeable, but as you go up against the machines more you may notice a few changes to how they approach combat - specifically a new behavior for the Harvester that may surprise you!

Just like with any of our other updates, please give your feedback to this update as well as anything else in your play experience. As mentioned in our last Letter from the Devs, we’re starting to really get into the feedback from the recent Player Survey and we’ll be taking all of that into consideration as we move forward. Thank you all and take care out there!

Bug Fixes


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where un-equipping and re-equipping some weapons after loading a save file from previous patch caused slots in the HUD to disappear
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where ammo was not stacking and was incorrectly shown as attached in both the HUD and inventory
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where sometimes players were unable to cycle between menu tabs using R1 and L1 on PS4
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where Machine organs would sometimes stay highlighted after exiting the tech view with binoculars
  • Fixed an issue where players could get caught in a soft-locked state if the menu and chat was opened at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the detailed info for each Difficulty was only shown in the Settings
  • Fixed an issue where scopes were not displaying their quality rating


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where the Experimental K-PIST would change firing modes after equipping a grenade or medpack
  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where Binoculars and scopes reset their view mode when a weapon was changed out
  • Fixed an issue where no impact (sound, visuals, or damage) when shooting the last round in the ammo stack with the Granatgevär into a far away object
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes you could still use a weapon that had been dropped
  • Fixed an issue on consoles where your weapon would fire if you held down the trigger when using equipment
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would sometimes equip to both primary weapon slots
  • Fixed an issue where scopes were not staying attached to the weapon when playing the reload animation
  • Fixed an issue where the muzzle fire from secondary weapons were severely detached from the weapon barrel
  • Fixed an issue where the electricity on the Experimental KVM 59 Machine Gun would become detached from the weapon when sprinting


  • [Community Report] Fixed an issue where Machine corpses would sometimes despawn before players could loot them
  • Fixed an issue where the collision box for a Tank was sometimes not in-sync with its animations
  • Fixed an issue where the friendly Tick pod item would sometimes not despawn after the friendly Tick spawned


  • Fixed various floating objects so they now correctly appear on the ground
  • Fixed various instances of doors or grass clipping into objects they shouldn’t
  • Fixed an issue where a player would be pushed backwards on the stairs after fast traveling to the Björntunet Hotel


  • Fixed an issue where all of a player’s characters shared the same status of over-encumbered / not over-encumbered depending on the first character they logged in with
  • Fixed an issue where the fanfare music wasn’t playing when a Challenge was completed
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer when an instrument would stay on screen if a player used an instrument emote and then logged out
  • Fixed a few text string issues

Known Issues

We’re highlighting a few issues below that we know are pain points so that you know we are investigating them. There are definitely more than are listed here that we’re looking into.

  • There is excessive fog in the South Coast region
  • All muzzle attachments, except silencers, are not visually showing up on weapons when attached, but they still function properly
  • In rare instances machines are visible to client players but are invisible to the host
  • In rare instances sprinting doesn’t seem to increase movement speed

-The Generation Zero Team


Wow;))Many thanks Devs for all your work!!!

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Any news on future content gen zero devs?


Looks like lots of fixes for stuff that I’ve seen many reports of from the community, always makes me happy to see. Good work guys, stay healthy :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!

One question - what about the ‘Scopes are not showing quality level’ bug? Has it been fixed in this patch?

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I can not wait to see this excessive fog. I have wanted more severe weather for a long time. Nice update overall!

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You could just read the post…


If you take the time to actually read the patch notes the answer is there.


OK it’s under UI, I missed that one. Great


Ooooooooh! I love machine behaviour! Can’t wait to see what it is.

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Made a cleanup of off topic replies.

Folks, this topic isn’t a place where to make your feature requests and report bugs. For those, we have appropriate subforums.



thank you guys . always on top of things and it shows you liston to us :coffee:

the Open world is great but Sorry o didn t buy this game,is Impossible to play Alone,you are making update to forced people play online,the Enemy quantity is insane,last time i buy a game in beta mode,bye bye,keep the work.

Thank you for your hard work😬 me and the boys were now about to hop on, not even mad there’s an update

Almost like this is a co-op shooter or something.

I can recommend the Adventure difficulty setting if you find the game too hard.

Sorry,i AM playing in Adventure mode,no diferent,and this is not hard,this is ridiculous, unplayable to play Alone,because when i get the game the Enemy was less,more playable,now is ridiculous the Enemy quantity and spawn/respawn,very unrreal,but last time i buy i game in beta mode,have fun.

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Nunomag is right, they managed to make the game really hard for Adventurer. I ate almost all my adv medkits and 4 adrenalines and that was to 1 tank and 1 harvester(wich spawns adds)


Took about 5 min of gameplay before 3 out of 4 hunters vanished before I could loot them and this was after this patch was installed.


And i think the frame rate now iS worst because the insane quantity of Enemy they put im the game now…not Good,to much Change i don t understand why.

Soo is the exp kvm-89 back in the loot table? Or am i just going to have to fins domeone willing to trade me one?