Are Mechanical Units and Reapers

… friendly ?!
I’ve just finished off my first reaper. It spawned without me knowing how I did that. Anyways : at some point there were two Mechanical Units under the reaper’s very nose and none of the machines attacked. Am I experiencing the Mandela-effect or are mech units and tanks still not on the same side ?

Sounds like a glitch. If it is your first reaper and there were lynx, was it possibly near the crater in the Farmlands? That area is haunted. Ghost bugs are common for me there and my game for the most part, always runs smoothly. But I also visit that area often.

Oh, congrats on the reaper, was it solo?

Thanks ! It spawned inside the combat arena in the marshlands. Near its entrance. There’s an ammo dump there, so I was lucky : I could hide when the reaper went beserk. I’m a sneaky weasel, I can’t handle frontal assault. I’m too slow for it. Too old for that shit. I play solo only for the same reason.
I was a bit disappointed though with the poor loot. I expected reapers to drop way more interesting items.
Immediately after the kill a second reaper spawned west of the arena and that’s the one that got all cuddly with two wolfs and their lynx. There’s also a handful of firebirds patrolling there, so this one’s going to be a bit tougher, I’m afraid.

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