Are melee weapons in the base game?

I completely forgot that I heard about them awhile ago and I realized I haven’t seen one yet so I was wondering if they’re dlc weapons or can you find them in the base game?

On a side note I just got the new update, Version 1.22 on PS4 but I don’t have the storage to download it right now. Is there any drastic changes or is it ok to wait to download it?

The melee weapons are in the base game. Just less common. But still obtainable.

You can read the patch notes which I will post below. But as far as I have seen there are big fixes, world revamp, and enemy spawn tweaks. As well as an easter egg.

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That’s good to know! I hope I can find one soon, they seem not so useful but really fun to mess around with lol

And thanks! I was looking around for patchnotes on here but couldn’t find them, knowing me I’m sure I just overlooked them

Is your PS4 a 500 gb version?
Even if it´s not, get an external 1 or 2 TB hard drive.
You won´t get out of storage anytime soon with that :wink:

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I really need to, I’ve been having storage problems for yearssss

With question answered, i’ll lock the topic to avoid any further off-topic chatter.