Are robots supposed to leave traces on ground?

Since animals in The Hunter C.O.T.W. leave traces I thought it will be the same with robots in G.Z. … but it wasn’t… until yesterday.

Yesterday I saw this near a spot where a tank was destroyed:

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Huh… Never noticed that before. Makes sense for them to leave prints in the ground. I’ll have to look around next time I kill a Tank. Did you find anymore tracks or just the one?

Good question, I will look for them as well. And do the bicycles and the characters leave the traces :thinking:

This is the only one I’ve found.

I’m multiplayer I’ve noticed that the other players leave footprints on the ground, and they trample the vegitation to the ground, just like in “the Hunter C.o.t.W”
I’ve never noticed if the robots leave prints though… Honestly I’ve been fighting them mostly at night so far.

I’ve seen this many times, especially when you are close to a tank and they try to stomp you. The impressions usually stick around until you exit the game.