Are some of the achievements not working?


Probably a dumb question but having now listened to 5 answer machine tapes and seen 10 different sayings in homes I still do not have the “I Just Called to Say I Love You” and “Folk Wisdom” achievements. Playing on PC, started just before the August update. Other achievements seem to be working okay. Are these known bugs? Cheers.


Achievements are still buggy. I have quite a few achievements that I know I qualify for, that still haven’t registered. Doesn’t affect gameplay, though.


This is of course only of limited use to you “right here, right now”, but I can confirm that if they’re not working now, they at least used to do so.


The monitoring of trophies that was not yet achieved before august update was reset by this update. So if you listened to 4 answering machines before the update the progress was lost after the update.


Take a read here ->

I cover it on the achievement log section. Apparently, the Fashionista one has now been fixed.


Steam shows a global list of % of achievements completed by players. Fashionista is at the bottom of the list at 0.1%. Last time I checked it was 0.0%, so it appears that one is fixed, at least partially.


Since the update I have listened to 5 answering machines and read 10 household sayings but the achievements haven’t been registered so possibly you need to make a new character or reinstall the game to make these work.


Have achieved every trophy except Fashionista on my main user ps4, this issue is on my son’s account whitch I currently play on so this is more of an observation than an annoyance :blush:


Two weeks ago I reported that according to Steam, which shows a global list of achievements, that Fashionista showed 0.1% completed. That still shows 0.1%. The other four collections are Gardener 0.3%, DJ 0.4%, Tourist 0.4% and Engineer 0.5%. Those numbers all are the same as they were two weeks ago. So either Steam isn’t updating or the achievements aren’t working. I would expect to see some change in those %'s over two weeks.


I started this game 3 weeks ago on the ps4 and I’ve had 9 glitched trophies and they are destroy 500 machines 30 seekers 15 harvesters 15 tanks explorer, tunnel rat, fashionista, kill switch, go getter I really hope they can fix this because before this August patch people could get most of them expect fashionista


I have destroyed 18 harvesters and don’t have the achievement.


Tracking was, and still is sadly a little tedious in relation to achievements / trophy’s.

I won’t get into the detail - but there is a way to guarantee all achievements ( including fashionista ) by re-installing and starting it over again offline with a clear game-save. Now - before you go ahead and do it - i’m also in the same boat but with Fashionista totalling 244 items across 4 characters / AND a whole play-through offline for 216 items on a virgin character with no luck - but good news @Avalanche_Kimchi did confirm that a retro hotfix patch was being worked on so then weapon & machine one’s will come with time.

Splash Damage caused me major issues - ended up doing a bloody YouTube guide just in case anyone else got as pissed as I did at it not working over and over again. -->

That said - I’m confident by 2020 it will be on its way to being a pretty consistent game.