Are The Differences Between Weapon Ranks Only Cosmetic (Aside From Experimentals)?


Hi guys.

Are the differences in weapon ranks, or stars, purely cosmetic? Aside from experimentals which I know have extra stuff going on when they fire?

I don’t have any 5 star weapons yet, but comparing the damage, accuracy, and rate of fire between the same weapons of 4, 3, 2, and 1 star rank, they all seem identical.

Thanks in advance!


they are not identical. Each upgrade raises the stats slightly



It must be VERY slightly.

I’ll look again.

I mean don’t get me wrong I’m always switching to newest stuff.



It is not so slightly, actually.

My experience (might be wrong) tells both range, accuracy and damage is increased with each new weapon level.

When I did a replay from scratch using scratch weapons, I couldnt even play like I used to. I could not snipe dogs from the same distance (sights also seem to have an accuracy modifier to it, so a crappy sniper with a crappy sight is not recomended), also they took much more damage to kill.

When I got blue weapons I started to feel a bit more comfortable when it came to range accuracy and damage.


I agree this.
New char with friend playing, those grey, green weapons are horrible. You waste much more ammo to bring things down. And longer ranges are also bad.

But when you play the game, and move gradually from grey -> yellow -> experimental. You dont notice that difference so much. And enemies get tougher also.


Just by quickly studying the pictures on the GZ Wiki, it looks like you probably have a 3-5% increase pr. stat for each tier. Lets say it’s 5%. That means a 20% increase in damage and handling if you go from 1* to 5*, which in my opinion is not slight, but a lot. :slight_smile:


Yes, I seem to have bad eyesight.

I rechecked, you guys are all totally right.

I was tired yesterday…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Thanks for the info, all!


With ample answers given, i conclude this topic as answered and thus, lock it.


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