Are you planning to allow crossplay between PC and PS4?

So we all know that Generation Zero is now Crossplay between XBOX and PC.
But will it also happen with PC and PS4? I’ve scoured the internet for an answer and the only thing I found was old topics. Just want to know is it planned?

Just so you have more facts:
People who bought the game on Steam cannot play with people who bought the game on the Microsoft Store, on the Xbox Store, or using the PC/Xbox Game Passes.

Okay good to know thanks. I guess im lucky that i dont have friends with an Xbox

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The devs are looking at their options for all platforms to receive crossplay since PC gamepass can with Xbox.

I got Genoration Zero after my friends suggested I get it to play with them on Multiplayer. I got the game, but soon realised it doesn’t have Full CrossPlay. I still play the game, great fun. But it would be an incredible addition to be able to play with others, no matter their console. I know nothing about how hard it is or how expensive it would be but I believe it is worth it.