Are you ready to rumble?


i think im ready for the community event soon … are you ??


I am :wink:


you snipe , i will go rambo / yolo :smiley:


jesus christ guys :joy: the dedication is real! Have fun slaying Hunters!


What time/day does this event last until, i love to participate but unfortunately i have work over the weekend.


Its a weekend event , and it’s a community event so if your busy no problem , this community will have your back and get you some content , :+1:


Much appreciated guys, thank you everyone :+1:t3:


This community event is now LIVE as of 9:00am CST (about 30 minutes ago)! Everyone get out there and start wiping out those hunters!

To Quote Avalanche_Graham from discord:

@everyone The “Hunters Become the Hunted” event is now LIVE! Get out there and destroy any category of “Hunter” machines to progress to the 150k combined total community goal. Your reward? FREE customisation DLC for the entire community!”


Thank’s @boston_51 loading up for event right now with coffee and a set of headphones to hunt them down :+1::boom:


Me and my Pump-Action Shotgun are ready for some carnage.


I don’t even have a gold weapon yet man, i’m jealous :grimacing: