Area accessable?

I just came here from another post discussing added content. I’ve always wondered about this island. If you look, it has roads and what looks like an airbase. So it has to have at least been considered for future DLC if not planned then subsequently scrapped. The other inaccessible islands are missing roads so it makes sense.

I would love to hear from an insider or anyone in the know on the final verdict of this island and potential DLC. Is there even a glimmer of hope it will be used? Will there ever be any significant DLC added or has that ship sailed? If so, why?

I truly hope they utilize this island. Honestly, I would open my wallet and dump it’s contents for even a halfway decent DLC on this island. I love GZ that much!

I’m with you.
But as far as we know, because the devs told us in the weekly dev-streams, there are currently no plans of adding this island to the games world.

Thanks a lot for that info :+1:t3:

the message that shows up, You Do Not Own Content Repositioning, :roll_eyes: what content, Roads & some Wood off the branches, lol

and I can’t jump high enough to see the doors to trees :wink: the smurfs & gnome ticks live in, lol

Very interesting! :thinking:

Yes, the standard message for inaccessible areas.