Area reset again

Was playing my Marksman on Hjimfall with an area level of 16, I then proceeded to load up my Commando only to load up Hjimfall with an area level of 1. This resetting of levels is starting to become a pain in the rear.

Did you kill any rivals while playing your Marksman?
If you did, this is working as intended. Killing rivals will drop region score.


In addition, please provide details if you plan on making a bug report.


Just a thought. Did you fall through the floor previously?

I had this earlier in the week and noticed that when I fell through the floor (which I’m sad to see is back and more prevalent than ever) not only did I fall, but my Rivals in the area also fell through the floor and died. Prompting the “player killed rival” message and reset my region score to zero.

Ok, Himfjall now has a zone level of 1, with a score of 14 and 7 Active rivals of which there are only 4 on the island. Farmlands zone is level 14, with a score of 4273 with 7 active rivals (total of 14 in zone). I just killed 4 of the active rivals in Farmlands, highlighted the rivals and made sure that they were actually Farmland rivals but even after killing them it still shows as having 7 active rivals in Farmlands zone. This is all on PC. Himfjall was originally at around the the same level, possibly higher than Farmlands before it reset back to level 1, hope this is enough info for you Xezr.