Areas already explored not showing up on map

I am on an original PS4 playing solo. This just started yesterday in the area of Overbyslatten. While exploring I’d run to a house/barn and the name would show up, give xp and tell you how much loot/weapons etc are there and map the location. When I go to the map the location shows as it’s unexplored and will not plot it on the map with the stats of items in the area. This hasn’t happened before and I’ve played about 30hrs. I wrote some of them down; Klarkarstagan, Tistra Mark, Glattra, Myrbacka, and a few more in this region.
Another thing that I’m finding in this area too is that there are a lot of enemies that will enter a barn, from seekers to runners and hunters. This is with the doors closed, not open.

Finally, somebody else!

I reported about it happening with Talludden on the Archipelago and Nydala, Glattra, and Skogshult in the Farmlands, but nobody else on the forum confirmed it.

It seems you’re not only having the same problem, but that you’ve discovered a few more (I decided to go and fill in the South Coast when I realised how far north the Farmlands went).

Could you please have a look and see if they’re all stacked up on top of Backbol (-2024.084, 1774.313)?

My original reports are:

[PS4] Talludden’s Icon

[PS4] Icons Stacked Atop Each Other

I’ll check for you! I’ll get on in about an hour and let you know. I have run into so many issues but I literally cannot stop playing this game!


Same! It’s very addictive!

So signing off and back on didn’t correct this for you? I know on pc i have times where only my safehouses will be shown and after a quick sign off and back on it’s fixed. I haven’t noticed if I’ve ever had the problem of locations not showing up right after finding them though.

No, this is a totally different bug. From the moment you discover them, the icons aren’t where they’re supposed to be. They’re usually at some other location on the map.

I checked both coordinates, the one here and the one in your original thread and those popped for me and we’re normal.

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Damn. All of my icons seem to be stacked atop Backbol on my map. I wiggle the controller back and forth over it over it and I can see Nydala and Skogshult. I wonder where your icons have gotten to?

I’m sure it’s the same issue, odd that nobody else has encountered it yet.

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On Backbol game shows that is one collectible item but theres none and map is telling us that is Skogshult.