Armor loot drops

I know we have an armor upgrade in the skill menu, but it would be cool if there was a rare drop system for bullet proof vests and maybe different tiers that prevent more damage. Even just random things that could be considered armor like shin guards or some suit of armor some dungeons and dragons kid owned, this is the 80s after all. But some kind of armor loot system would be a great addition to help survive with our limited adrenaline shots and amount of health packs we have to use when in battle against multiple enemies.


I think that is a great idea for armor. I like the idea of bulletproof vests and other types of armor.

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Same thing over here.

Well there WAS bullet- / explosion-resistant clothing, but clothing stats are gone. :frowning:

Not anymore:) That has been fixed

Yeah those stats are back, but even with that theres only that tiny resistance boost. If they made things to dedicate to resistance of certain damage like the gas masks then that would make things better in the game. Like the army helmets we get should definitely have some good bullet resistance but they don’t.