AS-VAL/AT-WAD underpowered

The issue: So I’ve had a bit of a bone to pick with the AI-76 so I was really exited to know I would be to get my hand on another soviet assualt rifle. Got my hand on a 5C one and was extremaly dissapointed. The accuracy is bad (which isn’t a huge problem) damage low, but really high rate of fire. So the overrall stats are decent. But here comes the problem. The mag is so tiny that it takes longer to reload then actually fire the entire mag (with 5C mag). I took the time and it takes rougly 2.5 seconds to fire off an entire mag and reload takes 2.7 seconds. This makes the gun feel very boring and underpowered.

The solutions: Either increase the damage or lower the reload time. Because at the state it is now, the time to kill with the gun is the lowest of all asuallt rifles in the game.

Technically, the purpose of the AS-VAL’s cartridge is to be subsonic and to suppress sound as much as possible. If the devs accounted that, they had to balance it by lowering it’s damage and accuracy. Plus, in general, subsonic rounds carry less power.

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Well, the stealth in this game is broken. Which means that the gun litteraly has no purpose in the game. I think tene really proved my point. The kpis and the AS-VAL behave extremely similare. But the kpist beat it in every single way.

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AT-WAD is a niche weapon, just like SVD is. E.g SVD is inferior to AG4 in every aspect. Yet, SVD does have value, if you don’t compare it to AG4 but instead other hunting rifles.

While AT-WAD is named as “assault rifle”, it looks and behaves like SMG. And that AT-WAD also is, a SMG. But it is the only weapon in-game, that comes with built-in silencer, making it unique. As far as it’s performance (value) goes, that is individual. I find value in it and you don’t seem to be.

AT-WAD is based on the AS-VAL, which is an assault rifle. The 9x39mm is a rifle round, so IMO it should have more range and hitpower. But I suppose it could be a balance thing.

AT-WAD, the gun with an identity crisis.

It’s all down to the 9x39mm ammo… and I think that devs did a really good job from the ballistics side.

7,62x51 NATO muzzle energy is about 3500J
For 7,62x39 it’s about 2100J

And the 9x39mm… about 600J. It’s basically the same as standard 9x19.

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Wouldn’t say that. Balance in GZ calibers and weapons compared with each other hasn’t been the best or that realistic to be the reason to play the game.
9x19 FMJ 480-560 J, Swedish m/39B 600 J vs 9x39 FMJ with more then double the grains and 960 J.
The same muzzle energy, range and impact force… no.

Where did you get the 960J from?

Depending on the source AS Val fires standard SP5 and SP6 ammo (~16g) at 280-300m/s, and that translates to ~630-700J

The FMJ is standard Russian 9x39 and also called Wolf. Even goes above 960J but unevenly charged cartridges are standard in Russian army.
Also SP-5 and SP-6 have more muzzle energy then you wrote. Good loads above 850J.

That may be… in a barrel longer than 200mm and without holes drilled through half of that.

But why would I ever use it instead of the existing SMG’s? Let me just start off by saying that when I saw it in the news letter I was overjoyed. Finally another russian assault rifle. But then when I started using it I found it well, pretty lame. It does have a cool suppressor, but when in GZ have you ever used a suppressor other than make the gun look cooler?

I hear everyones argument over and over again; “well it behaves like an SMG and has a suppressor, so it is not underpowered”, but even if it behaves like an SMG it is still by far the worst SMG in the game. But you might say “well it has a suppressor” well then I’ll just screw on a suppressor to the other superior SMG’s. I don’t understand why everyone just says the same. I gave my arguments explaining why it is underpowered. But absolutely no one seemed to care. Just told me “well it behaves like an SMG and has a suppressor, so it is not underpowered”. That doesn’t make it more balanced…

Also I also hear the argument about it’s caliber, if you were to read more than two sentences into my orginal post, you would have read that my suggested fix was about the reloading not the damage. Which just make me kind of frustrated when people don’t seem to read my entire post before defending it. And a honest question, do you actually think the is balanced. Or do you just try to prove me wronge for the sake of you being right?

I marked it as “Desigmated Marksman Submachine Gun” - effective range and power of a SMG, but is very accurate (if you get over it’s arching bullet flight), can rival with a good assault rifle in that department.
But that use is veeery niche. Like backup DMR for far shots and rapid yet short fire for up-close and personal.

It gives variety to the game. Also, not every new weapon has to be OP or better than what we currently have.


  • why use N16 when you can use AG5?
  • why use SVD when you can use AG4?
  • why use N9 when you can use Klaucke?
  • why use N60 when you can use KVM 59?
  • why use RPG when you can use M/49?
    Etc etc.

I used suppressors a lot in my early days and not because of the “bling” but because for their actual purpose, to muffle the firing sounds, so that everyone around me wouldn’t instantly know where i am and storm at me.

Reload Speed skill, preferably level 2.

Suppressors do work, machines just that good at locating their targets, when they are alerted (especially hunters).

I have my reload speed on lvl 2. And it still takes longer to reload than firing an entire mag.

Note “In my early days”, which hints at you not using the suppressor anymore or at least not as much, why? You probably found the superior barrel extension.

It is something that you need to live with it. And if that long reload time is unacceptable for you, you can stop using AT-WAD.

Though, AT-WAD isn’t the worst weapon in game when it comes to the usage vs reload time. 6* M/49 is. It takes milliseconds (15 frames) to fire both rockets while it takes at least 5 seconds (with Reload Speed lvl2) to reload both rockets back to it.

Actually, no. What is different between my early days and now, is my know-how of the game. Now, i can tell easily how many machines are around me, how to deal with every single one of them and where to engage machines (cover nearby) and where not (lack of cover).

Also, out of the 7 weapons i have on my 1st char, only two of them have the barrel extension (AG4 and HP5), the rest can’t equip barrel extension (.50 cal, m/49, RPG, KVM 59, Klaucke), while i still have silencer on my Klaucke. And sometimes (when i feel it), i’m using .44 Magnus with a silencer as well.

While it is true that AT-WAD has low damage per bullet, it isn’t the lowest in-game. AG5 has even less damage per bullet and that is a full fledged assault rifle. :astonished:
N16 and KVM 89 (an LMG!) fall into the same ballpark and should also have less damage per bullet than AT-WAD (though, can’t say that for sure since i don’t have 5* N16 and 5* KVM 89, to compare with my 5* AT-WAD).

They are. Among all three 5.56 guns base-game Ak5 (AG5) has superior handling with same damage.
I’m also not sure too about damage, but 9x39 feels like it has SMG ammo modifiers.