Assault Rifle Silencer Vs Assault Rifle Barrel Extension

I cannot figure this out. Does the extension really do anything? I know it “increases the velocity”. On the other hand, silencers make combat a little better because you can hear what it happening better.

There is another thread like this but it is more devoted to real life rather than the game. Does anyone have any real evidence about the benefits of the barrel extension vs the silencer in the game?

The barrel extension makes bullets travel farther, and makes the gun more accurate at longer ranges. The silencer makes it harder for Machines to locate you. Try it on a pack of Runners, with a silencer you can pick them off one by one in quick succession before they discover where the shots are coming from.

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So maybe the barrel extension on the AG4 with the 4x8 scope would be a good setup.

I would suggest AG5 for semi marksman rifle role - far less recoil.

Silencers are the snipers best friend! With my Älgstudsara equipped with 4-8x scope and silencers I can take out five runners guarding a beacon from an elevated vantage point with five shots on a good day without any of them noticing what’s going on. But that’s hunting rifles. I would never bother with silencers on assault rifles. I use barrel extention on the AI-76 for better long range aim and damage.

If it doesn’t already, the barrel extension should also make the weapon do more damage especially to armor. Increased velocity means more penetration/kinetic energy. If it doesn’t I think there’s no question that silencers would be the obvious choice.