Assignment respawn?

Hello members of the resistance,
I’ve been working on knocking out my daily assignments and as i’m typing I have 16 hours and 6 mins to get my my work done. Thing is, I’ve done all of my assignments and i’m on the tank reward package, but i’m one point away from unlocking it. does anyone know how long it takes for assignments to respawn? I would really like to get the tank reward package cause i’ve been working for it fro a few days now,

Anything info helps.

They give you new assigbments every day at 10am CEST. The weekly thibg resets tomorrow as well at 10am CEST.

I currently don’t know when the week ends for the assignments, but if you already finished todays assignments and tomorrow will be the new week, there is no chance for you to finish it.

New week, new try.

P. S. I think you have to do at least all assignments for six days to finish tank level.
But sometimes you may have luck and one day brings you more than just the 6 points in total.

ok cool,

I was a little confused about it so thank you!

You must complete your daily assignments 6 separate days in a week (Monday to Sunday) in order to get the weekly / Tank Reward. The weekly resets every Monday.

This is the breakdown of how it works.

Day 1: Tick Reward
Days 2-3: Hunter Reward
Days 3-6: Tank Reward

So you can miss 1 day in a week without doing your dailies and still get your Tank Reward. Miss more than 1 day and it’s not possible to complete.