Assignments - Lets talk about it

So found the new computertype att



3 Assignments


kill 5 seekers with melee weapon
ride a bike over 50 kph
destroy 2 tanks

So accepted the second,


went to himfjäll and started wheeling down the biggest slope I could find, managed to get up to 42 kph before I hit the fence. Tried to get on the bike again while it was tangled in the net, the bike flew up in the air and just like that the assignment was accomplished. The reward was 5 Paramedic respons packs.

Don’t really know if Im going to do more of these for now.

Whats your opinion on this?


You get this ! Hate seekers :rofl::+1: for seekers !

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I went and found the biggest mountain and rode my bike off the edge. Hit the ground and died, but it completed, and I got medpacks so, worth it :grinning:


These are great. I will do more.

So the assignments are just like the challenges?
They don´t spawn any type of machine, it´s just doing tasks?

Basically, yeah. It’s simple, for now at least.

Very disappointing then.
Devs, give us mission replayability!
These days most games have that feature.
At least it´s more complex and will respawn some enemies.

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Hey, it’s a step in the right direction. Perhaps repeatable missions would take longer to implement.

Well I have to say todays assignments were silly. I hope they get more GZish. I mean trying to get to 50kph riding a dangerous hill downwards is not in the typical style (at least for me). I gave up finding 5 seekers willing to be batted. To me this is not worth the time spent (but then I’m quite time constraint).

Community based assignments would be a nice touch

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There is no going back now.
Now that this has been implemented maybe we could have machine convoys to attack?
Replayable missions?
Something actually interesting? More than doing just new types of “challenges”

If devs read this.
Basically we don´t want chores.
We want action and fun.

  • Taking out enemy convoys that keep respawing from time to time.
  • Taking out enemy fuel/ammo depots and enemy bases ( with replay value)
  • special rivals that don´t appear on the radar and can call reinforcements no matter what Type they are (assassination quest)

So do I need to find these radio briefcases to activate an assignment?

Yes. These can be found in a lot of places.

Cool I’ve just been having a look around, I’ll see if I can find one

So let me get this straight. The Outside World contacts you via a hidden radio transmitter and the only thing they can suggest is that you ride your bike really fast? Thank God for NATO!


What we got, was two 24h assignments and one weekly assignment.

Took me less than 30 mins to complete all three. It was a nice variety but too short.

I know that assignments is a new thing, however, here are some ideas to enhance them:

  • Each and every FMTEL station (the name of that doohickey) has own, separate assignments.
    E.g one in Skvardern has 3 and once you complete one, two or all three, you’ll hike to e.g Uttern and get 3 more, but different ones.

  • Expanding the above idea further: assignments found in late game (e.g Hermelinen) are harder than found in early game (e.g Vesslan).

  • Rather than generally saying the reward, it would be nice if actual items and their amount is listed.
    This way, players can pick the one they need, without relying on luck to get a reward hoped for.

  • Available assignments never run out. Once you complete the 3, new 3 are spawned. And if you don’t like the new 3, find another FMTEL station for different assignments (1st idea).
    Currently, i’ve done all 3 and have to wait at least 12h (at the time of writing this) to get 2 new assignments and 5+ days to get the 3rd, weekly assignment.


The rewards are ok tho, i have gotten a 5c 1-4x rifle scope and a 5c assult rifle suppressor!

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57 :bike: :dash:



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It’s not even 9 o’clock and the daily assignments are already gone? All I got was “Check later for more assignments” but there wasn’t any to begin with…