Assignments - Lets talk about it

I did the same thing.

So what a let down the assignments are, if I was just starting the game they would be OK but I’ve finished the game got all collectables finished 99% of challenges and have more ammo and med packs than I need. I was hoping they were gonna add stars to the ammo as all schematics are 1 star would have been cool if they gave 5 star ammo as reward or even skins for your weapons. Such a let down oh well I shall wait for April update and hope Base building comes in then, sigh :frowning:

Now that’s a plan :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::v:

You need to find a FMtel station and pick up the assignments from there :slight_smile:

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Haha… I already did them Pontus. :sunny:

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What’s the daily’s today then…I’m at work atm

Ah, got it! :smiley:

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To clearify this weeks weekly assignment a bit, the number of tanks are not right, the number is to low, and the difficulty for weekly assignments should be harder. Next weeks assignment will be correct :slight_smile:

Todays assignments

Destroy (and loot) 3 harvesters
Craft a medkit

I think I’m done. Time to move on. This is (was) the best game ever for me, but it’s getting stale and familiarity is breeding contempt. I wish GZ would have a line drawn under it (so long and thanks for all the etc) and the devs take a sabbatical and come back with GZ 2.

Footnote: I have spent in total $70 (Aussie) on this game including the two DLCs. For the hours and enjoyment it has been phenomenal value. I have no complaints whatsoever. Thank you.


When a game doesn’t have a real end, the players themselves should decide to stop playing and move on when things feel stale or boring to avoid contempt.
I’'m not there yet. I have only played ~1200 hours and still love to run the through countryside, although I believe I have seen every nook and cranny by now. I think the game is addictively mesmerising so I look forward to the next DLC for more story, missions and things to discover.

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So like would anyone be down for weapon awards for completing assignment?

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like weapons or weapon attachements? I think attachements could be nice

I did check and those are indeed simply called “First aid kit” so i guess that’s what it wanted me to do.
Just a shame i was given an impossible task

I think awarding weapons would be wrong.
Assignments should award rare materials and hidden stuff like semlas, firework boxes, Halloween costumes (or other apparel), Holy hand grenades and any other type of temporary items present during an event.


I’ve go it!

Assignments give prestige points.

At 284 you can respec your character, that way by completing daily and weekly missions you earn the points to re spec again if needed.

Doesn’t solve the level cap issue, but prestige points finally get used and it’s an ongoing effort and commitment IF you want to respec again.

Those that struggle with challenges also have another angle to obtain the PP

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Today’s assignments gave less rewards for destroying 10 apoc machines than looting a box from the back of a car and was completed in less than an hour. Surely they can be made more interesting, challenging and time critical.

Hmm, I just attracted a apoc harvester, killed 10 apoc hunter and went away :joy: I did it in about 8 minutes.

But what’s most hilarious is the collecting task for 10 medkits. Just take medkits 10 times from the Plundra. (open Plundra, take a random amount of medkits, close Plundra… do this 10 times) :rofl::rofl::rofl:

After day 5 I have to say I’m beginning to like the assignments although the ones on the first day were silly and some need improvements (e.g. cycling a distance should be completed once you’re over the threshold and not when the char gets off the bike).

I like that most of the assignments are short and snappy. I don’t have time to spend an hour a day but ~20min fit on most of the days :+1:

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I liked them too. But I’m not trying to do them as quickly as possible. Most assignments I’ll do while I’m roaming the country side. It is a cool little extra, that we were given for free.

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