Audio Log 9 Location?

ok, so i found excactly the same spot where the photo was made but i cant find photo by itself :smiley: nvm, the audio log is the main thing, and the fact that at least one of the collectibles actually exist in-game, inspires me. I’ll keep searching and if i get it then post here.

AT LAST I’VE FOUND IT! Audio log #9. Go to the location on screenshot (5654, -68), on the east (if check on the map) slope of the mountain, you will see snow covered body, just near him.


Congratulations! Unbelievably nice find. Just got it, thank you so much for passing on the location!

Do you remember actual location of any others? I want to make steam achievement guide for this DLC, but i remember only few that were in bad and really unseen positions (like on top of the green military building on the south end were it wasnt even counting towards location progress, one in police station were you can get only when get to the story point, and one on the cemetery on the cross). Oh and one in underground area where you can get by the story quest, and it gets full of green gas after.

I remember the locations of them all, except for the one you just mentioned inside the Readiness Storage (Audio Log #5), that one doesn’t show on the map or count as progress.

Ok so the other ones you need are:

  1. Flottnäsviken - inside the green cabin

  2. Björntunagården - Next to the campfire, on the mattress

  3. Bergahyttan Hunting Club - In the cabin with computers, on the kitchen counter

  4. Tärnboda Skans - On top of the roof over the scaffolding, on the mattress next to the dead body

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Thanks a lot. But still one left :smiley: One that i mentioned on the top of the building and is not counting toward location progress was the #4 on Tärnboda Skans.

The last one is Audio Log #5 and I really can’t recall where that was. I just remember it being in some type of Readiness Storage type area, with dead soldiers and military equipment. But there’s no collectible indicator for it (like the one in Tärnboda) and I’m not sure if the actual area itself shows on the map. I’ve not been able to locate it since unfortunately

OK, still thanks a lot.

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If anyone is making a guide please let me know Haha, my last trophy for the DLC and I’m really bad at finding stuff :joy:

Congrats on finding them all :slight_smile: @V-Heid

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Right now I’m missing 4,5 and 6. Should I find them I’ll let you guys now the locations if anyone was making a guide etc :slight_smile:

I have found #5 and the exact location is 3491.082, -183.941 readiness storage 018, you actually go here for a side mission. It’s on the table next to a dead body, close to the objective

I now have my 100% so thanks to this awesome helpful gamers and I hope this will be of some help aswell :smiley:

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Thanks for finding Audio Log #9, but now the last Audio Log that I need is Audio Log #6.

Just wait for 3-4 hours, i’m doing the steam guide right now.

If anyone still need the collectables or any info on any other DLC achievements - check out this guide on Steam HERE


I can’t find it. I pinpoint the coordinates for Bergahyttan Hunting Club. It is nowhere to be found. The closest place is Readiness Storage #030.

@MotorexGTR32 , I literately just hovered over the co-ords on the map and it is for the hunting club. SE of the hotel in a cabin on the kitchen counter with the has 2 computers inside it. Also why are you making multiple posts in the forums and msg’ing me on xbox live?

Her is Von Ulmer’s audio diary #3 (Tape No. 3)

Here is Holberg’s log #1 (Tape No.4)

Thanks, @BraiweN! I had pretty much given up on the last tape. The funny thing is, that when I read your posting, I was standing at the lighthouse less than 20 meters from the body :smile:

Yeah, that one I had to look up.