Audio problems with most of the robots

I only play on Xbox so its possible its only on there but i can hear any robot any class as if there are underground i had this is most frequent with tanks but I’ve had it happen with hunters and runners also, it sounds like they are partially underground, i think it might me dead robot bodies disappearing and still making sounds?

Is it all the time, or just after a battle?

I am on pc/steam and since I started playing the game a few years back, there have been “ghost echos” of machines from time to time. It happens after a battle, and it misleads you to following it to the source. From what I understand, it is hard to make it go away.

I have always thought of them as part of the game and it is a decoy, like we have decoys, to lure us. The machine’s decoy seems to make players go to a set spot and stay for awhile. We lure the machines to a spot with sound or light to distract them, same concept for the machine’s decoy. It would be nice if the Devs team would add the “ghost echos” as a lure that attracts players to an area, and nearby sniper hunters start taking shots at the players then. If it was RNG then players wouldn’t know when it is a trap.