Augmentation bugs I've found

Platform: Xbox one

Description: (hit and run) augmentation doesn’t work properly. Using the weapon that has that augment it makes you also recharge stamina slower. The better the tier the slower it will recharge.

Steps To Reproduce: use the augment (hit and run) and you can notice that stamina recharges slower.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: both

Players in your game: doesn’t affect multiplayer.

Specifications: it’s specified enough from description.

Could you please tell or show, what the effect of it was?

Doesn’t say anything about taking longer time to Regen the stamina.

BUT this one

Makes sense because it increase you’re stamina ammount, not reducing the ammount it takes.

So the augment should be draining you’re stamina slower, it should NOT regenerate slower and drain slower

Just a stupid Idea…
What if it doesn’t reduce the cost in fact, but increases the total amount of stamina?
Then it would also take longer to regenerate if the regeneration is a fixed amount per second and not a percentage per second.

And if you change weapon it suddenly regenerates faster?

Ye it regenerates faster when you stop using it.

From the looks of it, maybe the devs took the easy way to program and just gave more stamina capacity, instead of actually reducing the cost of draining stamina when running.