Augmentation Removal needs a prompt when you are about to remove an augment

For the love of God please give a prompt or warning that whenever you decide to remove an augment.

I’ve edited your post. Please refrain from using all caps, even if you are upset.

I’ll poke a dev about this issue.


Not just that.
I didn’t test it by myself yet, but at least if you move an augmented weapon to the companions storage, the augmentation will be unbound from the weapon with no chance to simply add it again.
In companions storage this also happens with weapon skins, but they can be applied later again.

If this also happens for augmentations in the plundra, it’s really bad, but I don’t think it should happen there.

im aware of 3 augmentation glitches in the game, the 1 your talking about, 1 happens in the crafting item screen, & the other happens in the augmenting area