Augmentation Theories

Post your favorite augmentation layouts and the idea behind “the plan” of why you did so.

5C AG5
Exp heat 5.65 cal
T3(Gold)-EMP Detonation
T3-Quick Learner

This does great component DMG and triggers an EMP on every component. With large groups it can let you choose who fights back by quickly knocking off any component. By adding Inquisitive Mind perk along with Quick Learner an additional 150% experience is gained allowing faster level for the character and region score hopefully allowing Reaper to be spawned faster. (Still testing Reaper spawn rate effectiveness) CONFIRMED!!
( Started with farmlands TL18 and killed reaper 3x in as many hours, 3rd took longer due to the TL loss.)

5c M-49
Exp HCDP Rockets
T3-Structure Destructor
T3-Quick Learner

Double DMG on structures combined with a DOT effect makes walls vanish rather quickly. Same experience gain idea as above. (On a side note I don’t mess with bases if I intend to spawn a Reaper)

Here’s another fun one:

5C Resistance Flamethrower
5C ext mag/tank
T3-Adhesive Rounds
T3-Oversized Magazine

As long as you’re hitting them with fire they have to stand and take it. If you’re playing like I do this will work best on the run. Laps around tanks and harvesters and don’t let the fire go out. Gives a mag/tank of 300.(I’d like to swap in Uranium Infused but it doesn’t blind them at all. Augment not functioning on anything I’ve tested it on so far.)

how does the Quick Learner work, do you have to be holding the weapon when battle ends to get Quick Learner credit

How was the describtion of it?

Destroying component confuses the machine

Supposed to blind them for a short duration on component break, but they’ll hit back even when you can see the irradiated effect and hear the DOT triggering. Definitely not blind or confused lol. Tested on a few guns to be sure it wasn’t that it wasn’t hitting components.

To answer the quick learn question. I haven’t tried just swapping in the gun with it equipped while doing the killing with another one. May be possible to beat the clock idk.

Well, 5s of deactivated sensory on Bronze isn’t very long.
How did you destroy a component to test it? With which weapon and ammo?

Some might not count as destructed by you or this weapon, because the final damage is done by an effect of the ammo for example.

Radioactive effect isn’t working even using HRDP rockets bud. If you need further proof of it you’re welcome to test it as well. I’m just providing a heads up to save another time and resources to find out manually.

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thank you for the info. this is def good to know since I am working up to augmenting a weapon, just not set on exactly what I want and on what. only a few possibilities I see for my game style so knowing something doesn’t work helps alot. thank you!

Whatever machine is damaged/killed using the weapon with Quick Learner equipped will give the boosted XP.

Ok, even if just the companion or an exploding machine or canister, Gas Station, car or whatever damaged or destroys the machine?

One thing that keeps me from using this augment is, that I don’t think that you can afford augmenting a weapon with it to gold level until you reached character level 31.

  • If you start a new game as new player you probably don’t have it unlocked from beginning.
  • you play, level up, unlock the augmentation step by step, find better weapons to equip this augmentation to but still have to get the needed ressources for being able to apply it.
  • after lvl31 you don’t need more XP, as you already got all available skill points.

So my conclusion is, that it’s worthless compared to other augmentations OR that it’s part of the preperations for the new skill system which will hopefully give us more skills, skillpoints or whatever…something that rewards further leveling more.

You get that the xp gained also applies to the rate of threat gain as well. So faster xp is faster Reaper spawned. Its quite useful for that and base farming as well.(I farm all 4 of my worlds for these.)

It is easy to level up most regions while waiting for the rival/reaper spawn timer to expire. Remember that the things that spawn on the map are also on a timer as well as the region points. You gain points quickly and your rivals/bases level up quickly. But those points do not cause spawns to happen sooner. But if all things are leveled up while waiting on the timer to run out, when you do have a spawn, base or rival, then they will level up almost instantly because leveling up is on points only. Just so you know.

XP doesn’t have an influence on the region score, as far as I know.
If you die during a base assault it still can upgrade to a higher level immediatly due to higher region score and although you don’t get the XP.

And if you kill a rival you still get XP, but the region score drops.

  • AI-76 - EMP Detonation (3) + ???

AI-76 is probably the best balanced AR. 45 rounds of 7.62mm can pretty reliably toast a tank component making this a safe titan toppler. Just make sure it finishes “waking up” before destroying the next component!

  • PVG-90 - EMP Detonation (3) + ???

See above.

  • HP5 - Health Stealing (2+) + Hip Shooter (2+)

This is a hip firing laser pointer! A great budget option. You can get the gun as a fixed spawn and neither augment needs to be Gold for great effect.

  • m/49 - Structure Destructor (2) + Hip Shooter (2+)/Quick Learner (2+)

Another budget option with some good utility. This m/49 3 shots a control point with no avenue to get to a 2 shot. Hip Shooter reduces the need to line up trick shots but quick learner makes runner clearing more profitable.

  • AG5 (HEAT ammo) - Scorching (3) + Stabilization (2)/Oversized Magazine (2)
  • Meusser (HEAT ammo) - Scorching (3) + Oversized Magazine (3)/Sound Muffling(2+)

This is the most stacking of component damage possible. Drill components. Theoretical as I’ve been avoiding the reported penalty cloning bug.

  • Kvm 59 - Health Stealing (2+) + ???

Top tier single target DPS guns are an attractive target for an augment whos benefit scales with damage.

  • HP5 - Structure Destructor (2+) + Hip Shooter (2+)
  • Klauke 17 - Structure Destructor (2+) + Hip Shooter (2+)

One purpose: FMTEL assignments to destroy base with weapon. Saves a lot of ammo destroying a higher tier base.

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