August Update; Are weapons more lethal?

Today I’m not in the position to play but did sneak on for a few minutes and destroyed a Harvester with two magazines of 7.62 and one bazooka round. Was I lucky or did the August release give us more damage?

Who knows, it’s entirely possible they’ve snuck in some tweaks that didn’t make it to the patch notes. I do know that the June update improved on explosive damage as well as upping the stats on most weapons, so who knows? The Harvesters are more powerful now, perhaps it’s a balance thing.

Yes, the June update did increase explosive damage but without skill set for increase explosive damage it would take (as of yesterday) up to 10 explosive rounds and perhaps 4 to 6 magazines of ammo to take down.
However, now that I think about it; the last time I played I did take on of Harvester and did not destroy it…Could be the same Harvester with damage?

Funny you should mention that. I played earlier and battled a Tank, but the game crashed for some reason. When I came back, the same damaged Tank was still there, and I could finish it off. I’ve never seen this in the game before, I thought the AI reset everytime you quit…

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if you hit the rights spots the harvester is reallyyy easy to destroy in 20sec +/-

Exactly the same happened to me yesterday Xezr.