Automatic Turrets


I would like to see automatic turrets in the basebuilding update, wich you can place and they automaticly shoot enemys with ammo you place inside

Machine gun tripods

Turrets sound pretty cool, but I don’t how the devs will bring them into the game, maybe further down the game you can find turrets that will defend the outposts that you can hack into and bring them back to base? That’s the only way I could see turrets coming to the game.


Or by crafting them using a KVM and some other stuff like a tripod


I was thinking something like that. That would be pretty cool when defending your base.


I wish for there to be tripods in the game, not the WotW tripods, but machine gun tripods that you can put in your base to defend against the machines. It would be interesting to see how this will be put in the game in the future.


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strictly speaking; a tripod is not a automatic turret.

I can see how a transportable tripod could be beneficial to the gameplay, throw a tripod on the ground, fix your KVM or PVG to it and get a increased accuracy and reduced recoil.
When the rockets start hitting too close for comfort, remove your weapon, pick up your tripod (witch goes back into the items quick menu) and start running :slight_smile:


Aight, but for this to work for me, building a turret would require servos, scavanged from dead machines, at least 3 or 4, steel, one or two car batteries, intact CPU cores, scavenged from machines, and lastly Vision modules plus the actual weapon it will use.

Would be cool, but it should cost, and frankly be quite fragile.


If you put down a tripod and mount weapon on it, it becomes mounted weapon (aka turret). Set the weapon to automatic fire mode and jerry-rig the firing mechanism to hold the trigger down. Once the weapon starts to fire, it is essentially an automatic turret since it doesn’t need any outside intervention to fire.

Since both concepts are essentially the same, with only one difference (automatic turrets have their own, independent tracking mechanism while tripod mounted weapon needs player to do the tracking and aiming), both discussions can be in one topic.