Autorun and toggable ADS

I’d like to have some form of autorun in this game, to lessen strain on the hands when running long distances. Could for example be enabled by double tapping the sprint key, and/or walk forward key. Stop running by pressing walk forward, walk backward or pressing the sprint key again.

Toggable ADS would also be nice as an option (been suggested before).

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Another one! Oggy, you are a lazy bugger! No puffing, no finger strain - what about auto-fire mode, where the weapon you are carrying engages enemies automatically, to save you pressing the fire button? :joy::joy::joy:


Indeed :rofl:

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I have not tried it in a long time but didnt bringing up the steam overlay while running kind of get the character stuck autorunning?
While the devs are busy with more complex problems we can in the meantime make a toggle ADS button with custom keyboard/mouse software. Granted I have not tried playing with it, so I cant say if there are any issues arising given some time played but the technical side did work.

My friend is using this all the time when getting from A to B
(If there is no avaible safe house nerby)

Only problem is that if you are attacked the Steam overlay can be a little buggy to get down quickly… as once my friend ran straight into a FNIX tank as he had windows open on his steam overlay xD He got stomped. Do it on your own risk

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Yes, yes, hard work brings its own reward, laziness leads to the fire of hell… :skull: