Avalanche Studios - Generation Zero - Life Span

There has been a lot happened in the past year, with covid-19 , new game development, and bug fixing and new content .
A lot of people love this game and want to see it go further, ( myself included , i was lucky enough to be a beta tester ).
i hope it will continue development .
welcome comments from the team at avalanche

What is the exact purpose of this thread? I don’t see your intention in posting this?

Topic title suggests it to be an attempt on this: Content chronicle of Generation Zero

However, the content of the topic is feedback for all the work done thus far.

a very polite way of asking kindly , if there is a shelf life on this game (time frame)… will u abandone us , we love it and know there are other projects you must be working on. ps pontus u rock - watch all the streams.

All games have a shelf life. As far as what it is for GZ, i don’t know. But it won’t be anytime soon. There are still many regions that are needing revamp and several islands that are inaccessible.