Avoiding FNIX rising missions


Guys i have a problem where i need to solve new FNIX rising missions but i dont want to. I want to continue solving missions like airport and so on, since i dont have enough resources to solve the one where you need to destroy FNIX cannon. PLS help.


No one is forcing you. You can just skip them and focus on other missions (you can select active missions in the LOG).


Yeah, you don’t have to do the objectives if you don’t want to. If you feel something is forcing you, it’s the game trying to give you objectives to make it simpler, but in this case it’s just continuing the objective descriptions, but all you have to do is start tracking the missions in mission log that you wanna follow. If it’s Bunker networks, then you just explore the lands, find and unlock bunkers to piece things together.

Not much to it, just that you have the choice :smiley: