Awesome recent update for x box


Thank you Dev team for upgrading the ammo type such as on the screen while playing. Before you had to go to the inventory list and could only select one FMJ or HP for that gun. Now you can select during game play which makes it easier. This is also useful when using the Emp then switching to HP round with launcher, The music selection for the Boom Box…good change.


Cool to hear that the update worked out for you. I have seen other Xbox players also enjoying the game after the update. Are you playing Solo? Because that seem to make a big change as far bugs and crashes are concerned.


Yes, Solo is more challenging, and it appeals to my brain, to figure out strategies to conquer the machines. I really enjoy this game very much and it is never boring to me, glad I found it back in March 0f 2020


The color added to the icons is a help to spot missions easier, sometimes safe houses and mission look alike and now the missions stand out from other Icons


I also play solo, but on PC. I too love to sneak past the machines and avoid combat from close up. Sniper them from a mountain ridge. I do almost all my killing with my experimental sniper. I still have to find the correct schematics to craft clothing for maximum stealth. Next task is to get new rivals to spawn. I found more schematic on level 1 rivals than on level four.

Not sure why, but the last few days there seem to be a lot of spawning of machines. Groups of 15 hunters with 6 or 7 seekers. These groups I avoid for the most part. I wonder if the pc-version had some tweaks again or this is because I killed all my rivals? I do like this unpredictability of how many machines there are on route, because it could happen in a real machine invasion as well, I imagine.


So far I’m very very impressed with it.

Full review next 48 hours.



I noticed that to, there has been alot more rivals last two days. I play on X Box 1x , I don’t have a PC large enough to handle, that is why I purchased the X Box , very happy with it.


With less than 2000 players on steam and using it as representative of the overall community, they need to do a lot more than the piddling little dlc that RotF is.


It is a small team, under Corona measures.
Both issues make that DLC’s and such roll out slowly.

Give them a break, seriously!!! :frowning: