Aww waited up till 4am


waited up till 4am for the new stream , asked a bunch of questions and no answers, and really felt ignored, i know they busy and all but also saw them answer questions before and after mine, i even had the questions written down before hand :frowning:

can we have mullets & beards for our skins, we love our Staff <3

clothing with no stats ?

no heat damage now since april patch , thoughts ?

inventory management progress ?

hunters no-clip (getting into buildings) be applied this new patch ?

can you tell us about any bug fixes coming out for the new patch ?


maybe i just wanted some attention because i have been trying so hard to help, anyways bye.


I watched the stream and i bet you and many others asked the same questions and tbh it seemd like a choice of questions were picked.I dont blame you for feeling ignored like many others i bet.


That or your answer was we would talk about it but we dont like making promises.


Yes it’s true most of what you list was spoken about , maybe they seen your post now and will answer you next time , or PUT IT IN CAPS AND SAY PLEASE HERE COFFEE HOT ans he will probably see that , cheers lads