Ayuda help quiero encontrar las armas doradas (missing gold weapons)

saben en donde están las armas doradas mp5, pansarvarnsgevar 90 y otras e buscado donde salen supuesta mente y no están, las únicas que encontré fue la glock y la bazuca los estoy jugando actualmente en xbox nube pansarvarnsgevar 90 no sale en el faro ya busque y nada, mp5 ya busque en la casa y nada.

you already know where the golden mp5 weapons, pansarvarnsgevar 90 and others are and look where they supposedly come out and they are not, the only ones I found were the glock and the bazooka I am currently playing them on xbox cloud pansarvarnsgevar 90 yes it does not appear in the lighthouse already look and nothing, mp5 I already looked at the house and nothing

I don’t know if my game is bugged since I see it on youtube and the weapons appear in those parts but there is nothing if they changed the places of appearance I would like you to tell me please

The 5c PVG has zero set spawn locations, the only high ceown version (4c) is that lighthouse, theres a chance they changed it to require the side mission that is found west of the lighthouse in a military ammo building.

The 5c HP5 requires the mission ‘Empty Spaces’ so going there without that mission is very pointless. 5c AI-76 requires the mission ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ so same thing applies as the HP5.


Is that the Arkelstorp lighthouse, and the "The Spotter " side mission?

Ya that’s the one. You can get the 4c PVG at the lighthouse without the mission. The 5c Klauke17 is always in that Police car at (1085, -3857) and the 5c.44 Magnus is at( -2383, -3432) on a shelf. Those are the only 5c guns I know about that you can get without missions.

If you check the wiki for a specific weapon you will be able to see where 4c versions are lying around, if they exist.


oh thanks beamos if i can find it

@Indominus-J, do you know the location (co-ords) where the 5c AI-76 (The Enemy of my Enemy) is found, since they shuffled around the missions a bit?

Still the same as before Recon. Requires the radar missions all completed and the AI 76 will be in the boat where it usually is.

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Ok Thanks… :coffee:

I went to Ålnästet…

Before you could always find the boat here, even if you had done the mission. So I assume that the boat, (when doing the mission), will be here. Can you confirm?

It should be, can do a check when Dark Skies is out since i dont have a save set up to check. But when i went there on a already dont save, boat was there as usual.

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You see the boat now isn’t there, while before there always was at least a boat. I wondered if the location for the 5c AI-76 had also changed. I appreciate if you check, and report back or add info to the Fandom if the location is not the boat.


For me it’s still there.

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