"Back" Apparel type

Been really into character customization and experimental outfits in this game, and I think something that would go well with most outfits in the game is some sort of “back” apparel type that would range from duffel bags, purses to backpacks and packs of equipment that look militaristic or like something straight out of a sci-fi lab. Plus I think it would make it a bit more immersive to know that there is some sort of container for your loot on your character’s model.


Good idea. Addionally there could be an increase of storage depending on what type of backpack you use. :+1:


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I think the developers will come to this, they have done a lot of work, the game has many different functions and it works, well done!!! And also , I like that the developers listen to the players , agree to introduce new features into the game , although it 's difficult , but they try and do it , it makes the game more interesting , despite the fact that the game has been passed and some have passed it to the end not once .

cam we get a Weight capacity Schematic then so we have another point to spend else where.

There is a skill with two levels for. in the highest level you’re able to carry weights up to 96.
Why do you need more?

I guess, I don’t have to mention that even the half would be some kind of unrealistic if you think about what you carry with you and keep in mind that we are just some teenagers in game.

Ok, I like to have at least every experimental weapon with all attachments with me. And enough ammo for each. Healthpacks, one adrenaline, sticky flares, fireworks, grenades and some emp, too. But if I’m true I just use an exp. AG4, an exp. PVG and an exp. Klaucke in general.

Maybe it’s because of changing equiped weapons doesn’t works as fast while in a fight. Maybe I’ll change weapons more often when the announced weapon wheel is there.

But I personally would like to have it a bit more realistic or at least an option for it. The skill for rising the weight capacity is ok. But the values could be smaller in total. And additionally there could be different types and sizes of backpacks (which should have a modell, so you’re able to see the backpack on every characters back).

Don’t get me wrong. I like the game as it is. But if you just make a list of all the stuff you carry with you and try to imagine how to get this in a backpack, you’ll get sick :crazy_face:.

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i don’t necessarily want more i want options for my toons always have to get the 7 survival tree gets old… maybe i want to dedicate one of those point to something else. I was thinking of apparel backpack in general that had a schematic to increase the capacity. I run a Silent commando trapper. with zero combat skills. loadout as followed Combat Zero, Support (L) 1,1,1,2 Designated target. Survival (L) 2,1,2,1 (R) 1,1,2,2,1,1 Tech (L) 2,1,2,1,1 Hacking Diorentants and Silences preps for kill. (R) 1,1,1,1,1 Explosive damage bonus for all the weapons and traps i use is explosive. I use pvg 243 270 9mm smg and .32 and 9mm handguns one for corrosive and 1 for shock… i use 2 different shocks based on Range. You can stealthily put up shock wall before the enemies make there approach and actually cripple them enough for a person to Run and Hide and plan for the next assaults’.

Yes, that’s almost what I said.
Not just a single way to raise the carryable weight. As I said, the skill is ok. You learn carry more or in other words: you get stronger. Instead of fixed values there could be percentages.

On the other hand there could be the backpacks that could work like clothes. For example the first backpack is for 20 (kg) of loadout which could be raised by skill up to 150% (30kg) on 2nd level of the skill.
The next type of backpack is a bit larger (even optically) and could carry 30kg without any skill. And so on.

Additionally there could be scematics to upgrade your backpacks with more bags or something else, so that their maximum weight would rise a few percentages.

What do you think?

definitely possibilities we have seen various types of backpacks in generation zero in certain areas of the game, so they do have the code implanted for those fix locations. This would probably have to be a major update… Newest update personally i am hoping for is the US and Russian Weapons getting experimental. Need that Katovich to make that PVG have a Run for its money…

Where you a fan of Grid system or the new inventory system…? Should there be an option to let us choose which mode we prefer.
Also i hope they gain an option for us players to play in first person or 3 person mode…

I don’t know the grid system, as I just started to play in June’21.
3rd Person mode would be a nice option but difficult to realize in a good way in this existing design. How should it work when using sights for example?

immediately going into the sights modes like breakpoint. then back into 3rd when traveling… but during there livestream they advertise as 1st person so copywrite laws would affect them w/ it if they decide to patch… i don’t think it could be done… at least we have emote Crotch button wall-hack. :smiley: