Back on track and Bunker achievement bugged

Hi. For some reason i cant finish the Back on track mission. All the containers with robots inside are destroyed. But the marker over them is still there hinting me to destroy them. Have tried blowing the empty ones but no luck. Any idea how to get arround it?

Also i have done the warboard mission and completed it. Still havent ghiotten the achievement 5 bunkers visited. I also have visited all the smaller Bunker ish locations hoping they cud help me. But nope. Its the only one i have left to finish =(

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Heyo, sorry you’re having trouble. Which platform are you on? Is it possible to provide a screenshot of your mission log?

Hi sure.
Im on PC.
Also made a screen shot of the bugged containers =)

Have you explored all of the Bunker Complex? There’s more than two containers to destroy.

Yea. I have destroyed everything in the whole bunker complex.
Atleast i think i have. I have been running arround in there for hours now. Over and over.

I’m noticing you still have two mission items to collect. One is a shipping manifest, the other a journal. Could that be it, maybe?

Um. possibly. I have just got stuck on the marker on the map and the blow up icons. Havent even noticed there are items missing. Ill have a look. give me a min.

So i looked up where the night shifts Journal is supposed to be. But it isnt there for me. I think i did this quest in multiplayer.

Okay, sounds like a familiar issue. Thanks for trying, I’m gonna forward this to Avalanche for them to chew on.

Thanx. Any Idea on how to get the darn Bunker achevement unlocked?

I think it’s one of the achievements that are being a bit buggy right now, unfortunately.

Oh whell. My OCD will have to chill a bit then. Just like to have completed it =)

Thanx for your help mate.