Back on Track mission help

I’m in the Muskudden railtracks, where it opens up to the bridge part outside. I have two mission markers above two sets of containers still inside the bunker. I assume I should destroy these containers since that what the prompt says.

But how do I destroy the containers?
I tried lighting it up with an assault rifle and grenades. Nothing works. What should I do here?

If it’s the mission I’m thinking of you need to destroy the machines inside the containers so all you need to do is keep shooting those until they explode and if you hsve destroyed them already then probably more containers around close by.

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Yes this was the answer.
The mission says to destroy the containers, so to shoot inside them wasn’t my first choice lol
Funny that they could withstand two grenades though, but not around 7 bullets…
Anyway mission fixed! Thanks!

I found that the best way to get rid of them is to either shoot them with the Granatgevär, or .50 cal. Ended up using the .50 on most of them, and also the fuel canisters in “Lost and found”.

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