Backpacks and supply boxes

Hi, I do not know if it is a mistake or if the game is adjusted in this way, every X time both the backpacks and the boxes will be regenerated with different types of supplies and at the moment I like a lot since it helps, but it would be A good idea that they should not be filled in or if it were that they were in specific places such as the respawn sites, since that way it would give a little more immersivity and make the game difficult, because if every X time they reappear and the player returns at the same place you will get ammunition, first aid kits, flares, etc. in an unlimited way, obtaining that shortly after starting the game you no longer have to worry about running out of first aid kits or ammunition, thus losing the immersion of survival and lack of concern for the use of the above named things
And I apologize if I have gotten confused about something or I have written it in the section that did not deviate

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