Backpacks in generation zero

I play dayz and other games like it where your character has a backpack on and I think generation zero would benefit from having backpacks on the player that you can carry

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What’s the benefit of having a backpack that you can’t see in a first person shooter? Having space to fill with plunder… Which we actually have.

This topic is as old as Generation Zero itself… And by using the search you should find more about it here. There even were early screenshots that showed characters with backpacks, but as far as I remember they were dropped due to an unknown (technical?) reason.

Nevertheless, I still hope to some them some day in game. I once made a suggestion for different sizes and types of backpacks with different features like different spaces, a builtin field radio, an autoheal device, maybe even a small shield or stealth or smoke generator, additional slots for the weapon wheel and more…

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They even showed them in a trailer at one point, but unfortunately it was unintended / an unused model.

Approx 1:12 in this trailer.

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