Bad performance on ps4

There is a certain point once you get far enough on ps4 where it just starts to lags a bunch after awhile, sometimes crashing, it’s pretty much unplayable


I can’t even play in Himfjäll without it crashing every 15 minutes ((the island I payed my own money for))

Mine works for about 3 min, happened and less and less time as time went on, haven’t hopped on in awhile, reinstalling to see how it goes, I have all dlcs but weapon packs and preordered game the day it was available for pre-order, so like 6 months or a year before it came out

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I have had the same issue. My PS4 doesn’t “crash” per say, but it pretty much comes as close to it as possible.

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One of these days we have to ask them again for that bug.
They said that fix would come on the next update (after resistance), so it´s supposed to come with the next update, from where things are… I guess it will be in September.

2 months from now ain’t that bad if they actually fix it, better than waiting for ps5 price to drop, which it’s hard to tell when that’ll happen

The problem is that with the Xbox delay they might not deliver the fix we need for the Island DLC crashes.

PS5 price drop?
The problem is not finding PS5 for sale anyhere!
PS5 games are sold at cheaper price than PS4 games because there are not enough people buying them :rofl: :joy: .

Hey all, this does indeed sound like a very annoying issue. I hope Avalanche can get a fix in for the issue you’re describing!

cleaned up a couple comments that weren’t very constructive to keep the topic on track

My question is, on the next update will the map have more or less robots? Because a few updates ago, it seems like they fixed playability issues by just removing a bunch of bots. So is that what they’er planning on doing again?

From what I’ve gathered Machines don’t get removed per se, but they do change their spawns from time to time to re-populate certain areas.

Oh, ok. So essentially they just moved robots from one region to another.