Balanced weapon weights (not 100% realistic though)

I really thought more about more balanced weapon weights, and I thought I’d come up with some new weight stats for weapons that can be applied in the game.

The way this would work is, that for each 1 kg of extra weight, you add a gas tank to your inventory, and for each 0.5 kg you add a medium energy cell (or similar).

This is a way to add additional realism to high powered weapons for those that want this.

Please note that these weights are not necessarily real-life accurate, since this would in some cases be too much of a burden (for instance a real life PVG-90 weighs around 16 kg, which I think would be a little much here).

So here comes my list of revised weapon weights:

Melee Weapons



Submachine Guns


Assault Rifles

Light Machine Guns

Recoilless Rifles

  • Granatgevär m/49 Granatgevär m/49: 4 kg (+2) - (should be heavier, but since the RLG-7 is better, this wouldn’t make much sense)
  • RLG-7Unrecognized/Missing icon: 4 kg (+2)
  • G79Unrecognized/Missing icon: 3 kg (+1)


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I once made a similar suggestion (with some others) and I totally agree with you. Well, the final weights are a matter of balancing, I guess, but there definitely should come some changes.

I like your list, especially because of the small icons for each weapon. You just forgot some (at least melee).

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That’s pretty cool - I tried to search for similar, but it appears I didn’t found yours. :sunglasses: Yeah, I’ll add the melees also.

And I also think your list is about right by adding +2 to experimental versions - at least for the larger weapons.

Don’t go overboard with the realism, this is a game.

If you add realistic weights to the weapons and accessories, why not then also all the other stuff, like gastanks, turrets, ammo, etc. ?

Why not also take volume in account? There is no way people could carry 30 gastanks, or 100 rockets.
Is carrying 96 kg on you back and sprint with it, really realistic ?

And If they change the weights we are back to square one with the backpack and plundra problem. Is adding realistic weights really adding that more satisfaction to the game?

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Sure, and for sure not for everyone.

One simple rule is, don’t use data you don’t need. It seems that the weight of the weapons currently doesn’t play a great role. 2kg isn’t much compared to the weight of the ammo I might be carrying.

So why is there a weight for weapons at all, if it’s just the same for every?

There are 2 options:

  1. Remove the weight-value of weapons
  2. Make it have a use by changing the weights to a more realistic value, at least to have different weights for each weapon or class of weapon.

I prefer the second option.
The values themselves are discussable…

As example for classes:

Melee: 1kg
Handgun: 1kg
Smg: 3kg
Miscellaneous: 3kg
Shotgun: 3kg
Rifle: 4kg
Assault rifle: 4kg
Lmg: 5kg
Recoilless: 5kg

That should be the least… I like the idea for a special weight for each weapon more.

But I agree, the changes on weights should not stop with weapons. There is more.

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You’re 100% correct, and people should play this game exactly the way they want. This was a suggestion to better balance weapon power with an additional weight penalty.

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I’d prolly weigh LMGs and.50 CAL above 10kg to make sure people think twice around running these, otherwise the impact on builds will be minimal imo.

I agree with RPG weights since they are technically not very high damaging weapons and their ammo is already the heaviest in the game.

Should we add extra weight to exp weapons since they do have modifications and additions?

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This was somewhat a balance between gameplay and realism. But yes, for a more realistic number, they are mostly above 10 kg.

And yeah, adding 1-2 kg for experimentals seem reasonable too.

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I agree, but for sure not everyone does.

In the end… This is your idea and you may think and write down what you like to see, no matter what others think or feel.
Others should respect this, but of course may enter into a sensible discussion about that. :+1:

I wasn’t referring to realism with this, that they share somewhat the same weights would be purely a coincidence in this case, I was still considering this a balancing reason :slight_smile: realism is completely out the window in GenZ anyway


To make clear, I’m not against your idea. :sunglasses: I’m fine with it, if the devs are fine with it. It won’t affect my playstyle. I always try to keep my carry weight as low as possible (below 50) and I only carry three guns. Only when new weapons arrives in the game I give them a try for a while, and then get stored in plundra.

My concern is, the more changes the devs are making that are not “really necessary”, the more potential problems it might bring later on. We all know that everytime things are added (updates) or things are changed new or old glitches / bugs are rearing up their ugly heads.


I was wondering how that will work.

  • Would that mean they basically weigh zero kg, and therefore can be carried and stored in Plundra as many as you want ?
  • Or would internally the count of 2 kg still be counted for the backpack and Plundra capacity?

Or it could just be left alone and just play what is in front of you.


What kind of answer is that even in a game forum? ‘Don`t give feedback or ideas, just play the game’?

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What kind of answer is that, you ask. It’s my opinion. Is that not allowed?
I don’t feel that some people asking for this thing and others asking for a different thing gets anyone anywhere. So I have the opinion that I will just play what is in front of me and report when things get broken or fixed. I don’t ask for things to be changed. If I decide I want things changed because of this or that reason I will go play a different game where those changes are already in place.

Yes, I agree partially with you.

But this is Generation Zero. It is meant to be developed on and on and the devs philosophy is to do this by communication with the community.

We may give suggestions for changes. And everyone may give his/hers opinion into the discussion.

Everyone should just mind his/hers words when doing that.

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