Base Assault Mission completed, but no reward

Just finished a hard mission - with the finishing grenades, but the result is none: still ‘started’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and no Resistance points.

For what exactly did you use grenades?
Not sure, but I think you have to just use grenades for the whole mission.
Not just the finishing.

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Whole mission isn’t doable for me, also because there are big boys falling in crates, you know what I mean.

Read once it’s just about finishing with the demanded weaponry. But not sure, of course.

And… they don’t mean my own bases I hope? Because then it’s ‘defending’ right?

It has to be the full Base Assault mission with the Grenades, not just finishing it unfortunately. You can cheese it however by spamming rockets from a distance where the mission is not active then go in and clean up


You mean after the rockets I’m activating the mission, come back (maybe a field radio) and then continue and (try to) finish it?

So in this case leaving a fight, I understand.

No, not directly.
If you approach a base, before the mission starts, use the pvg to shoot down the mg-turrets or simply fire rockets into the base.

I often do that to clear the way towards the shield generators.

Then get closer that the mission starts, open the shield generators, destroy them with grenades*, then finish the command center using grenades* (or what ever weapon is need to be used).

But the other way should work, too…
Start the assault like you always do, then leave the area so that the mission aborts and return. The mission now starts again and you can finish with the weapon you need to use.
The only risk is that by doing this way the base could upgrade after leaving the area, if it wasn’t fully upgraded before.


get the base assault down to just 1 bullet :+1: with anything you want, then leave area message prompts, then go back in and 1 bullet with anything & the message will prompt


it never counts the final bullet for me after Leaving & Returning :grinning: ever time this assignment shows up, I’ve used PVG-90, EXPLODING TICK, 44, etc & even drove the Flak-Moped into it, with only 1 hit left

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the final 1 hit kill Never Counts :joy: & every other hits can be voided by leaving & returning for the final bullet

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That’s the case indeed. But I’ll try the options mentioned here, thanks!

So… it’ll take even more time to do such an assault. I thought this already was very intense and long.

walk backwards slowly, continue looking at the base, when the message says return to mission, STOP, wait until timer runs out, then walk forward, then go in for the final shot

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In my case it’s running, because there are way too many climbing up hills etc. :dizzy_face:

For these “Base Assault, X Weapon Only” FMtel Assignments, in my experience (XB1), it ONLY counts the weapons you used to defeat the enemy while within the borders of the Control Point. You can use whatever else you want to destroy the base structures, without leaving the CP zone.

So, say it is “grenade day.” You load up on grenades, whatever else you intend to carry, and a sledgehammer you’ve specially augmented for base assault—power attacker, structure destructor. You enter the enemy base, you get the Base Assault mission pop-up, you start grenading machines. You destroy some, you got a moment you aren’t surrounded, you are free to whip out the hammer and knock down walls, destroy gun turrets, bash in shield generators… More machines show up, you hit one with the hammer—…you just messed up. Complete the mission now, and it won’t count for your assignment!

Exit the base zone, wait out the timer, come back in, try again—cleanly, this time…without the oops. Start grenading again, using any other weapons very carefully. Finish all the enemies, knock out all the spawners, all the generators, now it’s just you and the base core structure. You are free to destroy that any way you wish. Any reinforcements who show up, though, you better stick to grenades, or be prepared to exit the base zone and reset again…

Likewise, when the mission is SMGs Only, Handguns Only, or Melee Only. Damage Runners, Hunters, etc, with the wrong weapon, and the mission won’t count for the assignment. Unless you exit the zone and reset, again. It doesn’t matter what you use to destroy the structures. It only matters what you use to destroy machines.

Buddy of mine and I, once we figured this out, we’ve pretty much always carried a 5C sledgehammer with us. Or, well, he prefers the bat. I’ve got the sledge. We’re sneaky types, though, who like to infiltrate the bases and knock as many crucial pieces of infrastructure as possible, without being detected.

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