Base Assault Spawn Issue

Im aware a thread exists for this but for some reason i am unable to find it.

Platform: Steam + PS4 (Probs happens for MS as well)

What happened: After hours of trying to get Bases to spawn on both platforms, i have yet to see anymore spawn ever since Dangerous Experiments released. I currently have about 10 points in total on Steam ready to be taken over, with none getting taken over and almost all of them on PS4 yet nothing has been taken over. It has also been roughly 30+ hours spent in game on Steam since my last control point being taken over, about 7 hours on PS. Im positive this is not RNG messing me over either due to the amount of time ive spent doing it.

Steps to Reproduce: Have control points that are neutral and attempt to get them taken over after Combat finishes.

Images/Videos: I dont have any images, obviously, and i have a stream in which i was attempting to get some taken over while taking out other bases.

Specifications: N/A

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That’s interesting.
For me it’s almost the opposite of what you’re reporting.

I get them faster than rivals. A few days ago I tried to clean up my farmlands. Once I destroyed one fnix base, the next one appeared. On my way to this next one, the previous one reappeared. And so on…

You could try to capture them and then dismiss them again, if you have enough command points.

FNIX base no longer appears in Farmlands and Forest after Dangerous Experiments.
I repeated the battle for a while, but the control point remained neutral.
However, for some reason, only the FNIX base in South Coast appears normally.
I had a similar situation before, so it might be a recurrence.

Mmh not for me.
Everywhere, where bases are possible, I get them quite fast, as soon as I fight a larger group of machines in that region.