Base Assault update on Xbox

Hello all!

First of all, great game. I have been playing it for quite a while now with my friends.

But, on the subject of this topic, since the latest update the game has become almost unplayable on Xbox (I play on a series X).

The most annoying things:

  • Often when I play \Y\ to go back to the most recent used item/weapon instead of switching objects it will open the Secondary missions screen (pretty annoying in the middle of a combat. Exxamples: Goldanel | Xbox

  • Sometimes I’m not able to jump anymore, I need to first crouch, and then I can jump again. Also when I crouch I sometimes can see a popup in the right side of the screen for half a second. You can see the blink of the popup I commented here:

  • I have noticed the fireworks do not work anymore, the machines simply tend to ignore them and keep shooting at us (this might be part of the update or a bug, who knows. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! lol).

These are the most painful points for me. I hope you can bring up a fix (or let me know if I can do something from my side, clean caches or whatever) and we can continue to enjoy this game.

Keep up the good work!

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Did you have an update option for this, I’ve looked and can’t see it on series x ?

It’s a normal game update which should in general be downloaded and installed automatically.

What’s your game version which is shown in the main menu?