Base Assault Update - Steam Hotfix

Today we’ve introduced some improvements to the game on Steam after the Base Assault Update. Thank you all for your reports and feedback! Please see below for the included updates:

  • Base Assualt is now working as intended
  • War Figurines Collectables are not displayed in the Log anymore after being wrongfully added

The Team is working hard to bring fixes to Xbox and PlayStation and we hope to have these available shortly. Stay tuned to our Twitter page for more information.

-The Generation Zero Team


Works for me… :sunglasses:


Great!! Glad to hear that!!

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Any progress on match maker?

Anything about a fix for “strangers connecting to invite only games” ?

Just tried and the base defence mission is not working after the hot fix. Will try again tomorrow.

Both a base assault and base defence mission spawned within minutes. Just need to try one of them out to see if they re-spawn again.

I can confirm they are working as intended now, got 3 base assaults in 2 hours with both my current based under attack finally, also within them 2 hours.

do you still get put into combat instantly within a range of fnixs and soviets fighting? it’s a bit annoying to have one side win and then sprint 200 meters across a field to come kill you ever tho you were crouching behind a tree watching with your binoculars

The hotfix is ONLY to rectify base assaults and defence. Hopefully other issues are resolved now the most important issue has been resolved.

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Look forward to this on Xbox now, it be great for PS to get some love also with next gen !
Anyhow good to hear :+1:

Yesterday I felt it works on Playstation now as intended, too.

In my friends game short after beginning in forrest region a base assault got available. While moving and fighting towards the location it leveled up and a second fnix base spawned. After destroying the first one, the second leveled up, a rival spawned and a base defense at the home base got available.

I was just wondering why it hasn’t been available before, because the base defense mission at my friends second base at Granhygget was available at the beginning. Is this intended?

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That just shows your friends game wasnt one of the affect save files as some people were able to do both no problem dont forget, this includes PS and Steam not just Xbox.

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Maybe, but that were the first two bases which spawned for him… Before he didn’t get some although he leveled forrest region. :man_shrugging:

Hotfix for me not avaiable at xbox

At this stage, in part due to the approval process, the hotfix is only available for Steam users.

Not in this fix buut hopefully in a later one!

Not out on Xbox yet but working hard to have it out soon!


typo alert1234567890

I have not played the game in about 5 weeks, so I missed playing the Base assault update but now I have downloaded it and also the base assault hotfix. I play on PC (steam)…

Now when aiming down the sights and passing something to interact with it forces aim to break and I´m like W*F?!

This was not a issue before or have never been an issue, why oh why did they implement this?
Or is it a bug? Or is it yet another thing they added to help console-players? (no disrespect if you play it on console)

Its definitely a bug introduced when base Assault dropped last month, otherwise i imagine they wouldve stated this change since its a pretty big one to aiming.

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