Base Assault Update - Steam Hotfix

On Ps4 the draw distance is sometimes less than 20m for machines. And forest region is the worst. Have a reaper there and I have problem fighting it because of that. And it’s runners sometimes vanish and suddenly is behind you and I’m dead. Or I look for it and I can’t see it until I’m standing next to it and it kills me.

Has it always been like that or did that happen after some update?

The PS4 is an archaic system, if they nerf the game for all platforms due to this it is a real shame.

From playing PS4 version for almost 2 years, the draw distance is fine and never changes but something odd i have noticed about the Forest region, both PS4 and PC, machines have the tendency to completely vanish then come back dead somehow. Base Assault update is the reason behind this as well as it was fine before hand.

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I noticed this, too. There are some places where it happens often.

I’m guessing that it has to do with some kind of “work in progress” in that areas. Like the devs placed something there and removed it (but forgot something) because they weren’t able to finish before the deadline.

There are many things this could be a reason for.

Another reason indeed could be an “invisible wall” around the control points to prevent machines to accidently attack players bases.

Draw distance for machines always has been at around 400 meters on ps5 since I’m playing the game.
I feel there are some effects, some models and some textures that have been improved in the last 6-8 months.
But on the other hand I feel sound quality has once been better… And sound issues got more.

It happened after base assault. Before that it was fine. And as stated above forest region is by far the worst. It’s horrible there sometimes.

The draw distance was tweaked a bit after the Base Assault update. It’s talked about in this thread. The team is working on optimizing this for different hardware setups. Björn also talked about this a bit on the stream he joined recently.

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Does this even count for consoles?
Of course there is just one version for Playstation and one version for xbox, but there are different hardwares as well.

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Nice of you Devs to take the time to answer :slight_smile:

I hope you will find a better optimization for different hardware because the downgraded drawdistance have really taken away alot of the atmosphere from the gameplay, seeing the machines at a far did wonders in making the games atmosphere feel a lot more threatening.

Now it is more like I run and suddenly enemies are there and a gun fight is more or less unevideble and I dont get a good chance of planing the fight like I used to enjoy.


The GZ Twitter seems to have suggested that the Base Assault hotfix for XBox will be available this week. The PS4 fix will probably follow suit.

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It’s very interesting and I wonder what a Playstation hotfix will bring.

Since the steam hotfix has been released I have no problems on ps5 to get bases to spawn.
I have destroyed about 5 until now, made one of them my 2nd homebase and have at the moment 3 fnix bases (1 lvl 3, 2 lvl 1) and about 5 rivals.

So I wonder what will change…

Ok, there is an update on Playstation today to version 1.29 (ingame: v. 2263976)

Will there by a detailed changelog as described in the update-log?

Well, the Twitter page says that this is the console Base Assault hotfix and linked the same patchnotes as the PC hotfix - “Base Assualt is now working as intended” and the War Figurines are gone.


Haven’t had chance to play this yet, quick run around with flame thrower looks pretty cool!
I’ve been waiting 2 years to flame an apocalypse hunter lol :joy:

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I have been trying the weapons out all day, and I love them. I think the bow is most useful with explosive tip. And yes with the flamethrower you can give that hunter a taste of its own medicine.

O and the RNG gods have given me, after a day of hunting, all three 5c weapons. So that’s cool.


Nice haul , I will be trying my luck this week :v:


anyone else notice that the 5 star flamethrower has lower stats than the 3 star or are you not seeing that?

Is that just a visual mistake or does it actually do significantly lower damage?

not sure havent tested them side by side

Its likely a visual mistake since it seems to be a different weapons stat card anyways. Dont get why its applied to the 5c Flamethrower tho.