Base bugged after multiplayer crash

After a multiplayer session crashed mid base defence on Sjöglimten Control Point (the first one)

I respawned into a rebuilt enemy/resistance base (as if i never did the very first base assault quest)

However it says “resistance home base (broken)” And there isnt enough red energy things to destroy and unlock the damage on the center thing.

Not quite sure what to do since this is now my cloudsave and i literally cant win/retake this base again nor can i rebuild it as the van isnt there destroyed or not.

Another question, ever since the doggo/companion update my friends cant teleport to my base and i cant teleport to a base in their world no matter what we do.

Welcome to the forum.

The first issue you have is a issue I had just as the control points were added. Player started a base defense on my map at the home base and the game crashed and stated it was broken when I re-started my game again. Only way I fixed it was a copy paste of the most recent manual backup save. Hope you are not to far alone if you do not have any other save files. Others may have a better solution.

Are you on console or PC?

Thanks! made account so i could post this :S

im on PC, im about 100 hours into the game, with most of the map explored.

I dont have a backup save.

Note i wasnt on MY map when i crashed, i was on friends “game” and crashed, then i mindlessly started the game then pressed continue and ended up on my own save with my own base messed up like that.

I would give it a few days of just jumping there but continue to do other stuff. And see if someone on the forum has a fix in the meantime. AND, start doing manual back up saves regularly and before a game update. Then, if you have to clean everything out you can reload the REAL back up saves and continue.

The two files are very small and don’t take up much space, so can be saved on anything…A lot of them.