Base building idea with daily waves of robots

Hello Sam/MFO Abyss here,
I intend to strike up a idea I’ve thought of which it to add base building in a completely new save however you won’t find robot roaming around in the day however, In the night the robot proceed to relentlessly assault your building/fort/base by firstly having the first night a mass of seekers scouting out the terrain and location of your base which when destroyed drop their components which you can use for ambushes and counter attacks on the second night you encounter a few packs of varying sets of runners which are there to wear down and test your strength.
On the following night Squads of hunters reinforced by runners calculate their best angle of attack and proceed to attack from them angles if defeated/or held off long enough they retreat into the tree line and will return as extra reinforcements in the next wave while maintaining the damage you dealt to them.
On the fourth night two to four harvesters escorted by runners and any survivors of the last assault will proceed to try and shell you from a distance meanwhile the runner keep you busy.
If you some how triumph though the recent attack they step up their tactics and bring in the heavy units e.g Tanks or new machines if they are added these will be equipped with a set loadout containing tick pods,a machine gun,(flamethrower if its added),rockets or mortar or just two machine gun.
On the final night the machines give up strategy and proceed to surround you with whatever is left of the machines.Example; Runners,Hunters,FNIX Harvesters and TANKS.
If some how anyone survives all of this you unlock endless mode, custom mode and a few achievements.
This is my idea/opinion and i’m open to any debate whether things should stay the same or be somethings should be changed but this would be a great add-on to the future
Thanks for reading this idea and i hope to see you soon on the front-lines. :smile:

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