Plans for base building?

Is there any plans to allow players to take over shelters and use them as bases, being able to stockpile food, weapons and ammo, build defenses etc.? :smile:

Hey Whizz check out this q&a

Edit: With updated information, it will not be a thing.


Thanks for the answer @ProntoManagement

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@ProntoManagement cheers for the link.

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Sad to read that it will not have any animals in the game, why?! They have the best AI animals in the industry so that should just give the game more mood and feeling, Like: It is a robot in the bushes? No is was a damn fox that scared the shit of me.


i am guessing it doesn’t fit with the story. maybe they were abducted or something considering there are not many animal or human carcasses laying around… the few birds that remain definitely sound in distress. Also why would there be hollowpoint ammo if we are only fighting robots the whole game. I am guessing we will see animal and human cyborgs at some point.

In horizon zero dawn, lots of animals are gone, due to humans and the machines. Im guessing it will be kinda like that, machines killing animals for organic fuel, and most likely there will be small animals, like birds, squirrels, etc.

I dont relly know what you mean with “fortify” but it sounds better to me than the logic of most “survival” games.
Look, we have made a Zombie/postapokalyptic World with many Houses, crashed planes, caves, etc but you can only build crapshelter that look like something madmax like and are dirty even though the fact that you just build it ^^

Base building/fortification that is written in the link above is all incorrect information at this point in time.

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Incorrect… … at this point… is that a good or a bad information?

The current information regarding base building is that it is not part of the game.

Now if the devs decide to change that in the future, I do not know, hence “at this point in time”.

I’m sorry that you’re not getting what you expected. For future reference, I recommend informing yourself about such things before you preorder a game:)

I tought i was informed ^^ In the q&a was the information that it will give some sort of housing, and many German Lets Player also said so (sorry but to be true i didnt liked that the streams were the mainly scource for new informations) . I canceld the pre order on PC (that is the Medium where I prefer long time play) but I will buy it today for ps4 to make a playtrough with my friends there. I liked that you gave me a beta key and the game is fun, so I want to Support the staff for the kindness^^

Hmm, the devs DID keep very quiet outside of the devstreams, it’s actually something I brought up as well :slight_smile: I’m glad you decided to but it after all!

But Pronto…

I’d like it!


what do you think of base build? or at least a shelter where you can set up and store his things? Food Drinking more weapons and accessories may also cost cars.
PvP? online server?
The game is the replacement for Dayz on the ps4 and I would really appreciate who it goes in the direction
I and a few friends have finished almost all missions and have all the weapons in yellow.
thank you very much
Psn EmNixXD

I don’t know if it’s mentioned before. I don’t know how survival like this game will get. So here’s my idea.

Imaging night time or a random time that the game gets harder. There comes this pop-up ‘Warning a horde has been send to you’ but where do you go? Inside a random building and try to kill them via doors and windows?

Well on the map there are different spots where you can make your own base. loot wood/metal to build structures, barriers, walls etc. But a great addition IF building even comes in GZ is making defenses for your base. Like kill the robots for turret parts, and a rare drop that they drop their turret. Or parts for traps. And ofcourse adding decorations and storage chests/closest will be great for your base and unneeded items in inventory

There’s alot of stuff i can think of for this game but it’s too much writing and has surely been mentioned before, this is just an random idea i got and idk how it’ll been taken lol.


l think it would be great to have a home base of some sort. But only one , as you could use the safe houses as drop off and pick up points for traps ammo ect.
A nice upgrade system for the base would be cool to, start out with a place that you can only store items and then slowly fix say a lathe , bench drill , beds, cooking stove ect.
The island east of the start point would maybe be a good spot for a well camouflaged home base, use a small row boat to move back and forth from it,.

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After playing a more hours than I should I vote against making it a survival game. The concept works really good and the setting doesn’t really need bases other than as travel points.

There are perks to increase you carry capacity but you don’t need to carry every type of gun with you. Select a weapons setup and go with it. If they fix the inventory system so that stuff auto-stack, all issues with it are resolved.

Game mechanics are important and the story and setting doesn’t really require lots of storage as the drop rates are fairly good and you can sneak and sprint instead of go guns blazing