Better rewards?

I really love the game thus far, but there is ONE thing that’s slowly making me grow tired of the game to a much greater extent than bugs: a lack of rewards.

All you get for completing quests is XP and… well, more quests. Guns and mods can be found by exploring the environment, but they are few and far between. For this problem, I have two solutions.

My thought is that the game should contain a “home base” of sorts. A base which will receive improvements as the game continues. These abilities could include stuff like a radio transmitter, that transmits music on the FM band, which will draw robots to houses with functioning radios in them. Or enable players to call in airstrikes from the remnants of the Swedish Air Force. Machines that enable players to turn one type of item into another. For example, one typ of ammo into another or a bunch of stereos into an EMP. Combine weapons and upgrades of the same type into one of better condition.

An excellent and very useful reward would be the addition of vehicles. Players would find them wrecked, take them to the homebase and then need to find spare parts all over the world. I’ve got a better description here.